Social Media Marketing – Why It’s Important For Your Business

Social Media Marketing is the new buzzword in the e-business industry. Many of us are aware of its existence and know-how beneficial it can be. With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, business owners can interact with their clients, customers, and prospects in real-time. However, most people don’t realize that these same sites can actually be used as a medium for online marketing. In fact, a recent study has shown that more than three in every four internet users have visited one or more of these sites at some point in their lives. This means that if you own an online business or even possess a website that doesn’t currently have an active Facebook page, you should start one now!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing on a platform such as Facebook allows you to reach a much broader audience and can make your presence felt to a far greater extent. In fact, one of my favorite methods of engagement is through fan pages. Here’s how it works:


When you set up your fan page or your hub for all of your social media management efforts, you’ll be able to see how many people “like” your page or how many people “follow” your page. If you’re not sure how to do this, then Google’s analytics will be your best friend. Once you have access to this amazing tool, you’ll be able to tell exactly which social media marketing efforts are contributing to conversion rates and which ones aren’t. You’ll also be able to see which ones are resulting in direct engagement and which ones are simply driving people away. Armed with this valuable information, you can fine-tune your social media management efforts so that you’re meeting your goals and not just your audience’s needs.

How To Retarget Your YouTube Campaign

How To Retarget Your YouTube Campaign


Retargeting is a kind of internet marketing that involves showing advertisements to those who have already visited a particular webpage, or even visited a particular website, and might have displayed a certain behavior (i.e., not converting from free visitors to paid visitors). This form of internet marketing is similar to the traditional banner ads, however, it utilizes different kinds of graphical advertisements in addition to normal banners. Most of these advertisements use animation or graphics, sound, and sometimes even video. One of the most popular forms of retargeting used by advertisers today is YouTube advertising. This is simply because YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the net.


The basic idea behind using YouTube advertising to promote your business is that people tend to watch videos more than any other form of an advertisement on the web. What’s even better is that people tend to be more influenced by video ads than any other form of advertising. There are two basic ways you can advertise using YouTube – directly to YouTube members or via third-party websites and software that automatically serves up ads based on what a user searches for. In both cases, you’ll need to be aware that there is currently a maximum amount of time that Google will allow you to spend on each individual ad-block, and you’ll also have to pay for each click. The best way to cut down on costs is to split the ad budget between YouTube ads and Google AdSense.


YouTube advertising is a great way to get the name of your brand in front of targeted audiences. However, unlike with other types of internet marketing campaigns, there is currently no easy way for internet marketers to retarget their existing YouTube campaigns. This means that unless you have already created a great content video, that is highly relevant to your target audience, you may still have to resort to various strategies in order to successfully retrain your existing YouTube audience. YouTube advertising is still in its early stages, and marketers should focus on providing great content and focusing on how to reach their target audiences from a more diverse range of sources.

Video Production Tips For SEO Agencies


An online marketing agency can help businesses enhance their presence on the World Wide Web. The clients need to ensure that they have invested in an agency that has experts who know how to advertise their products or services, but they also need to ensure that their brand is reaching the right audience. One way of doing this is by producing and uploading videos to popular video-sharing websites. These sites such as YouTube are perfect for attracting potential customers, but it can be difficult to attract the correct audience if you do not target your demographic correctly.

Marketing agency


The purpose of the videos is to provide information on your website that will help your target audience to engage with it. Once they have followed the link to your site, they can then view the products or services which means that you have attracted one of your prospects to your site. However, without carefully planning your video production campaign you may find that your videos prove to be a complete disaster. It is therefore essential that you use the latest tools and techniques so that you can maximize the potential of each video that you create. This means that you should start by checking out the tools and techniques used by marketing agencies so that you know how to go about planning your own video production campaign.


As, well as these agencies there are many other individuals and groups out there that can help you market your brand effectively. However, when it comes to video production and social media marketing you will find that most of these professionals have a common agenda. They all want to make sure that their brand is reaching its maximum potential, and that is why they will all target the same audience via the same platforms. If you are serious about your business you should consider producing more than a few videos and this is where a professional SEO agency  BigMouth Media Inc. can help you achieve this. They will take your brand and place it into the best positions on the various popular platforms. Therefore essential that you use the latest tools and techniques so that you can maximize the potential of each video that you create. This means that you should start by checking out the tools and techniques used by marketing agencies so that you know how to go about planning your own video production campaign.



Why Reviews Are Important To A Business

 The topic of online reviews came up during an SEO webinar on companies that I conducted a few days ago. In this article, I give you reasons why product reviews are important for an e-commerce company. The meaning of a business in this article is to help both your business and other business owners 

  You have most likely heard or even read about a few reviews, listened to satisfied and angry customers, and noted down the experiences that your customers seem to like the most. How important do you think reviews are for your company and how does it make customers write reviews of your companies? Talk to your employees about the importance of customer experiences and online reviews. Make a clear understanding of how important online reviews are to a company’s growth, make decisions based on data gleaned from the info.

Inform your customers of the importance of giving a review and make sure that reviews help your business to improve, which can only be good for customers. Whether you receive positive or negative reviews, it is important to respond to them to show your commitment to customer satisfaction to your customers and search engines. When you tell your users that you are implementing feedback based on their ratings, it can show how seriously you take customer service. 

  If you’re looking for a free way to boost your company’s online ratings, use email to ask customers to leave a review on sites like Yelp, Google or Facebook. Reviews can help you know if you’re doing well and you can get feedback from your product team to be able to implement the reviews.. It is important for companies to get online reviews and make sure they take the time to read the feedback. Use reviews and know the reasons why customers leave your business, so you can know why they left and what you can do about it, so it doesn’t repeat again.

Another reason why reviews are important is that they help to increase customer loyalty to your brand. There are many reasons why online reviews are important for a company, as they give you a clear understanding of what your customers expect. Perhaps most importantly, it provides other potential customers with social proof of what they can expect from your business.In the case of small businesses, it is often more important to have multiple reviews, but even bad reviews can provide exposure. Recognition of both good and bad ratings is important and can really give a small business an advantage over its competitors.Data shows that local reviews play a major role in attracting customers as people read online reviews of local businesses. 72% of respondents said that positive reviews increase their likelihood of shopping at their local business

This shows that online customer reviews can serve as social proof that a company is credible and that customers are satisfied with their experience. A mixture of positive and negative reviews determines that the rating is genuine and that the company has nothing to hide. Interestingly, a negative or simply perfect rating can seem a little too good to be true, and can also make people distrust companies. Negative reviews, for example, can drive away customers, but there is no need to do business with a company that has to behave negatively so that the reviews only “perfect” it. These reviews are real, they are necessary and that is why they are so important for the success of any business you run. 

Let’s take a step back to list some of the reasons why customer reviews are so important to your business. Most of us know the benefits that online reviews can bring to a business, but we stop thinking about the benefits they bring to consumers. We are on board to collect reviews of all services we offer and respond to valuable feedback from our customers. Let’s stop, take another step and take it all back and list some of the reasons why customer reviews are so important. Now that we know that online reviews are important to our businesses, we also know how much they are really worth, and that’s why they are so important to a company’s success. 

Before you delve into the statistics on the importance of online reviews, consider how often you personally check your company’s Google ranking and the number of customer reviews on your website. A customer’s rating is one of the first to be listed in the results, and although customers may not fully appreciate a company’s Google ranking, it can tell them a lot about them. I hope that this helps explain why reviews are important to you and wish you good luck with your business and your purchase.

Search Engine Optimization


I also know what you know about SEO, and people are always asking for a foundation on the basics, so I’m happy to help. 

So, I present an article that will be useful for those of you who want to find your site on search engines like Google. This guide will help you to steer traffic to your website step by step through the most popular search engine optimization tools available. By the time you reach the end of this SEO Basic Guide, you will have a better understanding of what search engine optimization is and how you can achieve great results in the ever-changing SEO environment.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process used to create websites and websites to achieve high rankings in search engines such as Google. It is a process of optimizing websites and their content to be more attractive to users looking for terms relevant to your website. The term “SEO” also describes the practice of ensuring that your web pages are found, scanned and indexed by search engine indexing software, known as crawlers. 

We will help you understand the logic used for search engine rankings and how you can capitalize on these rankings when writing and organizing your website. SEO, if done right, is one of the most effective methods to improve the search for a website. The most brilliant and engaging writing means nothing if your visitors cannot find your site.

By optimizing your websites, including your blog posts, you make it easier for people to type in the keywords associated with your products and services in search engines like Google. Blogging helps you increase your SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to customer questions. Your blog content really helps your business organically place in the search engine. 

SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it can achieve a high ranking in search engines and organic results. SEO, your websites can get customers to visit your website and appear in search engine results for your products and services. Blog posts that use a variety of on-page SEO tactics can give you the best chance to get a place in search engines and get your customers to visit the site. Search engine optimization (SEO) often means making small changes to parts of your site, but people usually talk about placing your site higher in Google’s search results. As mentioned earlier, SEO is as much about setting up a digital marketing and online account site as it is about appearing in the top 10 or even 1% of search engine results for your site. 

Search engine optimization is the process of bringing your website up in search engine results, not only in terms of ranking, but also in terms of overall search result quality. Google counts dozens of factors to decide which of your site’s pages in the results of a Google search is useful. As the algorithm evolves, Google has had to adopt a different approach to ranking than other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and others.

SEO aims to attract the greatest possible amount of traffic to your website, which puts it at the top of the search engine results. Successful SEO search can make your website more attractive to search engines than similar sites that compete for the same keywords and keyword phrases. Websites can achieve higher ranking not only in terms of overall search results quality, but also on the basis of the quality of their content.

In other words, SEO helps make your search relevant to users and can be crucial in directing traffic to your website. A great SEO strategy can put your company’s website at the top of the list on Google search pages, increasing the likelihood that people will visit your pages. 

Traffic, Sales, Profit

It’s not about revenue, it’s all about PROFIT!

BigMouth Media Inc.



Most companies want to focus on traffic, sales, and revenue but what we want to talk about is profit. I have seen companies that generate millions in revenue and are still losing money! It’s important to know what your costs are, how much are your fixed costs, such as phones, rent, insurance and then look at your fluctuating costs such as marketing, hiring, and legal. This will help you to budget for growth. What is the cost for you to acquire a new customer? Do you make a profit on the first sale? Do you have additional products or services to offer? What is the lifetime value of that customer? We will go over how to optimize your sales cycle to maximize your profits over the coming articles.  



Traffic is a necessary element for all businesses. Most of all we need to focus on the right traffic! The traffic that has proven to bring in the most profit! Today we have more and more tools such as SEO, social media marketing that enable us to target the customer that is the most interested, the most capable of buying our products or services. We are able to become sharpshooters as far as hitting our target market as opposed to spray and pray, hoping that we get someone to buy from us. This helps us to save time and money, allowing us to focus on and better serve our customers. By paying more attention to buyers we can increase the odds of them continuing to do business with us and tell more people like them (buyers) about our great products and services.  


We all think we want more sales and for the most part that is true, but what I have found that sometimes just to get a sale can be more of a headache than it is worth! Many times the customer that you have to battle for the sale, lowering your price, giving them extra attention, offering additional service/support can cost you more in time and opportunity than you will make in profit. Now sometimes I understand that you may be playing the long game and looking for bigger business down the road, before you do just weigh the cost and benefits carefully before committing too many resources. We like to find the right customers that want/need our products and services, they see the value and benefits in what we have to offer by using our services and are willing and able to pay a fair price! These are the customers that will stay with you for years and tell their friends and business partners about you. This will allow you to make a nice profit in which you can increase your employee benefits, therefore keeping them from switching jobs, maintaining a more positive and loyal workforce that is financially secure in their position.

Always be thinking of how you can create repeat sales, selling more of the same product or service to your customers! How to create additional sales with an added product or service. Sell more products and services to peers, friends or acquaintances of your customers by asking for referrals. Make sure that your staff is consistently trained on the latest techniques, benefits and features of your products and services that have received the most yield or the best return on investment of time and money. 

Revenue versus Profit

Revenue is always exciting and looked upon as the key to success! Yet many companies have found that they have great sales, great revenue but are still cash flow negative because they haven’t designed a business plan or a marketing plan that has a budget that works to accomplish their goals. If you are spending $500 to acquire a customer that returns a profit of $400 you are losing money! Once you have proven your concept and can show what your acquisition cost is versus your profit margin and you are in the black you can scale that business. Some concepts may lose money on the first sale but they know the lifetime value of the customer is worth the upfront loss and have the capital to wait for future sales. They build this into their sales cycle, it’s called a loss leader that grabs the customer with an irresistible offer knowing that a certain percentage will upsell or repeat purchase making the relationship profitable over time.  We have seen companies that have millions in sales but are operating in the red because they are spending more than they are bringing in. Watch your cost, know your numbers and the dollars will start adding up!

Top 10 Best Mobile Firms In India 2023 Inventiva Prime 10 Finest Mobile Companies In India 2023 Https: Trends Top-10-best-mobile-companies-india-2023

If you had the Nokia Communicator then you had be an essential particular person because it was more than a cellphone. It was a press release of energy and although it seemed like a ‘normal’ cellphone from the outside, it opened as a clamshell which revealed a QWERTY keyboard and an LCD display screen. It came with 8MB of memory and was powered by 33MHz processor and but was one of the most powerful cellphone at the moment. More than power, it was a very multifunctional device on which you can learn and edit Microsoft Office recordsdata. It had a black and white display however that was the norm back then. The call made in July 1995, between the Writer’s Building in Calcutta and Sanchar Bhavan in New Delhi, was carried over this Modi Telstra’s MobileNet service.

when was smartphone invented in india

He fired some senior executives in Flipkart’s smartphones and different businesses and brought again Jha and Karwa to the sales group. He put one other executive, Ayyappan R., in command of the day-to-day running of the smartphone enterprise. By then, Ajay Veer Yadav, the former chief operating officer at the offline smartphone retailer The Mobile Store, had joined Flipkart as head of the smartphones enterprise. In July, Flipkart’s web site again crashed when it held a flash sale of Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi was then a little-known Chinese start-up that was starting to make a name for itself by coming up with low-priced smartphones packed with powerful hardware working Google Inc.’s Android software program.

Do You Know When Did First Mobile Phone Invented?

Thinking of what such a tool may be like is very relevant now as cellphone season — that time of 12 months when tech companies blitz us with new fashions — begins once more. On Wednesday, Apple unveiled the iPhone 14, which bears a hanging resemblance to its predecessor. Also this week, Google introduced plans to show new Android telephones in October. And final month, Samsung introduced an array of cellphones that fold like books. The hottest smartphones in India embody the HTC One X9, HTC One A9, HTC Desire 828 Dual SIM, and HTC Desire 21 Pro. Additionally, HTC intends to launch the metaverse telephone in 2022.

  • OnePlus 9R is another stellar addition to the brand’s assortment of high-end models.
  • That’s a sluggish and steady revenue stream versus the extra speedy model of promoting new phones every year.
  • Smart Clock with Alexa The ultimate improve to digital clock, extra useful than a wise speaker & a must-have good residence gadget for Alexa users.

If you want proof, simply have a glance at the Motorola smartphones available now. When Ericsson launched its R380 cell phone, it was marketed as the first smartphone on the earth. It was the primary cellphone to make use of the Symbian OS and looked like another clamshell telephone from the skin.


Lenovo Tech Today Tech Today is the house of Lenovo’s business technology solutions. And in case you are a #selfiephilic too, do take part in our twitter contest by posting your whackiest selfies @lavamobiles using #x5madeforselfies. Robert shot a daguerreotype of himself and could additionally be one of the earliest footage of an individual. On the again of the picture he wrote, “The first gentle image ever taken. Website Designed, Developed & Maintained by Express Network Private Ltd.

Samsung Galaxy M04 Launching In India On December 9

A cordless phone, then again, can only be used within a single, private base station’s narrow vary. Vivo is expected to launch the Vivo X90 Pro, the successor of its X80 Pro smartphone, in India in 2023. The firm has already introduced the X90 sequence in its home nation China. It might be one of the few devices with the Dimensity 9200 chipset to launch in India.

With the introduction of 3G-enabled cell and knowledge companies by state-owned MTNL and BSNL in 2008, India entered the 3G market. Private operators started to roll out their companies later in November 2010. India has chosen to deploy each CDMA (code-division multiple access) and GSM technology within the mobile business. Some businesses additionally provide the WLL service along with landlines and cellphones. Our telephony prices are subsequent to a fraction of what it was again then – calling comes at no cost, whereas knowledge costs less than Rs 4 per gigabyte. Mobile gadgets have come a long way since Motorola introduced the first one in 1973.

Зимний Пейнтбол Сезон Скоро Откроется! Красота И Здоровье Кропивницкий

Использовать термальную (двойную) линзу – такая линза создает дополнительный компенсатор между внутренней и внешней частями маски. Таким образом, перепады температур уже не становятся резкими. Пейнтбол это командная игра, и чем Вас больше тем интереснее. Любой взрослый человек или ребенок с 12-ти летнего возраста в присутствии родителей или при наличии их письменного разрешения, так как игра сопряжена со значительными физическими нагрузками. Внимательно проверяйте, куда вы получаете поражения.

Вот почему так важно, чтобы мы оделись таким образом, чтобы защитить наше тело от травм. Поскольку краска водо-растворимая, с одежды ее легко стереть влажной тряпкой и еще легче отстирать при помощи обычной воды и мыла, самое главное постирать одежу в этот же день. Или на тех предметах гардероба, которые вы одеваете отправляясь в лес на шашлыки или идете в небольшой поход.

что одеть на пейнтбол

Пейнтбол это хорошее хобби и гораздо более интересное и полезное занятие чем сидячий образ жизни и многие другие вредные вещи. В данном разделе мы разместили ответы на некоторые наиболее часто задаваемые вопросы по пейнтболу. — Если человеку не противопоказано занимаются спортом, значит, ему не противопоказан пейнтбол. Все люди взрослые, и тот, кто знает, что ему нельзя бегать вряд ли пойдет на игру. Собираясь на пейнтбольную площадку, надо подумать не только об исправности маркера и специальной экипировке.

Что Одевать Для Игры В Пейнтбол?

Девушкам и детям бесплатно выдаются защитный жилеты. Нельзя игнорировать данное требование, потому что во время игры придется много передвигаться и активно бегать. При смене позиций на площадке важно качественное сцепление, комфорт и все остальные подобные детали. Ни в коем случае обувь не должна скользить или натирать. Трудно добиться полноценного результата, если использовать некачественную или просто неудобную обувь. Поэтому здесь требуется особенный подход, гарантирующий оптимальный результат.

Пейнтбол, Лазертаг, Арчери Таг В Запорожье – Это Клуб “гранит” Мы – Лучшие!

Сумасшедшая игра для новых русских, которые стреляют друг в друга… На нашем интернет портале «Карта Винницы» есть вся информация о клубах, которые представляют пейнтбол в Виннице. Натуральная косметика в настоящее время переросла в популярную тенденцию, которая становится все более востребованной среди потребителей.

В пейнтбол можно играть в любой одежде, пригодной для похода в лес, желательно темных тонов. В идеале нужно иметь камуфляжный комплект – куртку и брюки. На ноги при игре на природе лучше всего одевать высокие кроссовки с глубоким протектором, при игре на твердом покрытии – просто высокие кроссовки.

Не спорьте с судьями – даже в случае ошибки, судья действует не злонамеренно, а руководствуется интересами безопасности игроков и интересами игры. Желательно одеть ту одежду в которой вам буде не жалко прилечь на травку и в которой после игры вы сможете жарить шашлык. Также по пагоде одевайте обувь в которой будет не жалко бегать по лесу. Из обуви рекомендуются высокие кроссовки или ботинки. Пейнтбол проходит обычно на природе или на специальных игровых полях-площадках, где стараются сымитировать пересеченную местность, бездорожье.

Бизнес-планы Готовые Примеры

Все расчеты делал в Project Expert, а сам документ оформлял по стандартам UNIDO. Собрать данные по планируемым источникам финансирования, а также объему, стоимости и периоду возврата привлекаемых денег. Уменьшение свободного времени на отдых у действующих и потенциальных клиентов. Замещение части рыночной доли конкурентов за счет перетока клиентов. О — alternatives — возможности, благодаря которым можно улучшить положение на рынке. W — weaknesses — недостатки, которые мешают наращивать объемы производства и долю рынка.

как составить бизнес план пример

Хотя краткое резюме такого документа находится в начале, пишется оно на заключительном этапе, как итог. Резюме – это сокращенное описание идеи проекта и перечень наиболее значимых характеристик финансовой составляющей. Окупаемость товара (услуги) и время saycheese фотоотчет получения первой прибыли позволят вам определить (примерно) необходимую сумму для вложений. Знаете, в дополнение ко всему здесь написанному могу добавить диаргамму Ганта. Потому что она как раз и является тем моментом пепехода от теарии к практике.

Прежде чем приступать к разработке своей стратегии распределения, выясните, какие модели распределения используют другие компании в вашей отрасли. Описание проблемы, которую вы намереваетесь решить во благо своих потенциальных клиентов, представляет собой ядро вашего бизнес-плана и напрямую влияет на ваш успех. Если вы не можете четко выделить проблему, вы не сможете предоставить жизнеспособную бизнес-концепцию, которая могла бы заинтересовать инвесторов. Как понять, что вы действительно можете решить проблему, которая доставляет покупателям неудобства? Выключите компьютер, выйдите на улицу и поговорите со своими потенциальными клиентами.

Подробный Бизнес-план

Если вы начинаете дело без какой-либо цели (хочу свой бизнес – это не цель), то скорее всего будете топтаться на одном и том же месте. Наша кофейня наконец-то избавилась от изначальных проблем. Есть постоянные посетители, а ежемесячная чистая прибыль составляет восемьдесят тысяч рублей. Спустя некоторое время такая стабильность либо превратиться в рутину, либо доведёт до состояния, когда любой вновь открывшийся конкурент с лёгкостью заберёт у вас добрую половину аудитории. Настолько много, что порой удивляешься, почему же каждый первый не бизнесмен.

Оценка Себя Перед Составлением Бизнес-плана

При этом уже сейчас наблюдается тенденция все большего развития бизнес-планирования, так как не успев начать свой бизнес, предприниматель будет изучать вопросы закрытия ООО или ИП. Это обусловлено тем, что каждый руководитель внушительных капиталов понимает какие риски и возможности есть в бизнесе, что лучше иногда предусмотреть, чем после растерянно хлопать руками. Также вы должны доказать безубыточность своего бизнеса, минимальные риски. Это в значительной мере склонит чашу весов к вам. Кроме того, нужно с интересом отнеситесь к своей задумке, вложить в нее свой максимум.

Существуют громадные фитнес-клубы, открыть по силу которые будет только крупным компаниям, потому что они требуют немалых вложений. Существуют и так называемые «дворовые варианты», которые нацелены на небольшое количество посетителей среди жителей спального района. А также множество вариантов, находящихся между этими двумя границами.

Часто случается, что невероятнейшая и перспективная задумка летит в корзину вместе с кучей планов бездарных ИПэшников. А всё потому, что ошибки в орфографии, лексике, пунктуации и плохая подача текста напрочь отбивают желание любого инвестора. Сделать бизнес-план с нуля без помощи специалиста не просто, но возможно. Важно придерживаться вышеуказанных правил, структуры построения и избегать ошибок. Тут указываются задачи, цели маркетинговой политики и методы их решения и достижения. Важно указать какая задача для какого персонала предназначена, в какие сроки требуется её выполнение и с помощью каких инструментов.

Бизнес-план Массажного Салона

Обоснуйте, почему вы и ваша команда сможете с успехом реализовать свою идею на рынке. Помните, что для инвесторов команда важна даже больше, чем идея. Без сильной команды даже самая привлекательная идея не получит достойной реализации. Как вы собираетесь использовать существующую возможность и запустить на ее основе свой бизнес?

Укажите, как продукт или услуга могут удовлетворить потребности, а также любые преимущества, которые он имеет по сравнению с конкурентами на текущей стадии разработки (на стадии идеи, прототипа). В разделе резюме нужно сосредоточиться на опыте и решении, которые заставили вас открыть бизнес. В зависимости от стадии развития бизнеса содержание этого раздела варьируется.