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Social Media

We create and/or manage SocialMedia for our clients. This includes, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter(X), TicTock and others.

Management includes postings of industry relevant content that puts you constantly in front of new and future clients.

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Voice Command

Over 1 Billion searches are done per month using Voice Command services. Equating to over 80% of all searches done online. We get your business listed on the 5 Major services – Siri, Alexa, Bixby, HeyGoogle and Cortana.

We establish your Keywords, along with the Geographical Target Market you want to be found in. Do no miss this opportunity to drive business to you!

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When someone goes online and searches for a specific keyword, there are two ways that results come up. First is PPC. This will be referenced by the word (Sponsored) in the link. A company has paid for this location and keyword and can be very effective. SEO is the organic method by which a company is found online via keywords. These search results come up under the PPC links but are also extremely effective in driving traffic to a business. The SEO method is also very useful in establishing the credibility of the company the prospect may be searching for.

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Websites are customized to represent you, your company and your vision. We capture this and create a direct image of your vision in a Digital format. Sites can be simply an informational place to represent you and your company. Or, they be more elaborate to have products and e-commerce to purchase items. Some, may have call to action, and scheduling of appointments. There is no site to small or large for our team. We love having a chance to use our creative talents to bring your vision to life!

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Reputation Management

Reputation Management is essential to your business and your piece of mind. This can include ensuring you getting and maintaining good reviews. As well as disputing and overcoming negative information against you and/or your business online.

There are many methods by which we obtain this. These depend on what you are hoping to achieve as well as how much data is needing to be addressed. We create customized approaches that will provide you the results you seek!

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Our custom CRM is able to be tailored to you and your business. From simple tasks such as managing your client records. To handling inventory, internal chat, payroll or reoccurring payments. Our system is robust and has a 20 year track record of success.

We are able to white-label the software to represent your business. Creating a look and feel of a completely customized software for a fraction of the cost.

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